DHS TSA Enterprise Refresh Subcontract

Loudoun, VA – October 14, 2016 – Allied Mission Group LLC Awarded Subcontract for DHS Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Office of Information Technology (OIT) Enterprise Refresh

Subcontract provides support to manage and execute the deployment of new computers, related hardware and approved SW applications at specified TSA locations.

Allied Mission Group LLC is proudly supporting DHS TSA with the hardware deployment that involves: installing new computer hardware at approximately 600 TSA locations; transferring end-user data; installing approved SW applications; restoring end-user work environment; documenting inventory; and removing the legacy computer and shipping the legacy computer’s hard drive to the TSA warehouse. 

AMG is proud to support TSA in providing a technology refresh with the latest approved HW and SW to its field offices. This will remove out of warranty systems and help reduce potential security vulnerabilities in the future.
— Jay Kalath, CEO of AMG