Allied Mission Group LLC Becomes Snowflake Computing Solution and Re-seller Partner

Loudoun, VA – October 30, 2017 – Allied Mission Group (AMG) LLC is proud to announce that we have been approved as an authorized Snowflake Computing Solution and Re-seller partner.

Snowflake Computing provides a Data Warehousing (DW) Software as a Service (SAAS) solution. The Snowflake Computing DW Architecture provides a cloud based platform for customers to leverage a multi-cluster, shared data model to integrate multiple data sources and analytics tools against a single environment consisting of three components:  storage, computing and services.   

As an authorized partner, AMG can resell and deliver Snowflake’s solution directly to customers. Snowflake is currently available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud through the AWS Marketplace.  

As many of our clients migrate to cloud and try to reduce their enterprise costs, AMG is excited to offer through our partnership with Snowflake Computing, a SAAS DW cost effective solution that helps our clients achieve their business intelligence and big data needs with a Cloud based platform.
— Jay Kalath, CEO of AMG