Agile Engineering and Development 

IT enterprises face the continual challenge of adapting solutions to meet evolving mission priorities. Our professionals assist clients with determining the best path to supporting mission objectives and the interests of its stakeholders. Business enterprises are always weighing the costs and benefits between custom developed software, off-the-shelf products, and open source solutions, while strategically prioritizing and delivering modernization initiatives that protect existing investments and intellectual assets. Allied Mission Group employs best practices for its customers to not only determine the right balance between solutions, but to find the appropriate delivery cadence to meet customer timelines. Our team is certified in the latest application development methodologies including Agile and DevOps.

Our agile engineering and development service offerings include:

  • Agile Assessments and Coaching

    • Evaluate “As Is” application development programs/project SELC practices and determine conformance with technical architecture, TRM, and Agile best practices

    • Provide training for Agile best practices, metrics, and scorecards

    • Deliver Agile Tools training (i.e. Atlassian Bamboo, Confluence, and Jira)

  • Agile Planning and SELC Tailoring (Lean)

    • Develop transition and adoption plans for instituting Agile best practices and introducing changes to existing customer SELC frameworks

    • Manage transition and adoption project phases to meet customer goals

    • Provide continual coaching for Agile and DevOps best practices