Agile Engineering and Development 

Clients face significant challenges keeping up with modernizing their applications to keep with new mission priorities. Our proven professionals will assist you with identifying the best path forward to achieve your mission objectives, emphasizing the interests of your stakeholders. Clients have to look at options between custom developed software, available off-the-shelf solutions and open source solutions. Allied Mission Group understands the balance and trade-offs between these approaches. We seek to meet your mission-critical needs and minimize the overall cost to the client, both at time of delivery and into the future.

Allied Mission Group LLC assists our clients in strategically prioritizing and delivering modernization initiatives that protect existing investments in enterprise applications through our ability to preserve embedded intellectual assets and make business operations more agile, secure, and efficient while lowering overall costs. Our team is certified in the latest application development methodologies including Agile and DevOps.

Our agile engineering and development service offerings include:

  • Certified Agile Project Managers (PMs)
  • SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Agilist
  • Agile Assessment & Training
  • Agile Planning and SELC Tailoring (Lean)
  • Agile Engineering, Development & Testing
  • Atlassian Toolset Consulting
  • Portfolio & Program Dashboards
  • Open Source (Java and .Net) Architecture and Development 
  • Application Support (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Microsoft SharePoint)